Penny Rudolph

Author, Traveler, Animal Lover, Curmudgeon


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In a previous incarnation, I was a bartender, truckdriver, chili-picker, bookkeeper. Later, I graduated to teaching, science writing and medical writing. In a fit of insanity, I took up fiction writing and, after a century or so, found an agent and publisher. I'm still writing. Today, it's a thriller or mystery full of suspense, sometimes westerns, sometimes historical, but often with a bit of romance.
Eye of the Mountain God  (released in 2010) by St. Martin's is my fourth book.


An explosive combination...


A woman who finds five emerald arrow heads wrapped in her morning newspaper

An autistic little girl who knows things she cannot know

A man who relishes the events of nine-eleven and idolizes Che Guevera


Megan Montoya has come to New Mexico with her deaf young daughter to begin a career in photography. One morning she opens her newspaper and five jagged stones clatter to the floor. A jeweler identifies them as emeralds, an archeologist believes they may be the legendary emerald arrowheads used by the Pima Indians four centuries ago to lure away  the Spaniards. Soon Megan finds herself embroiled in a separatist plot and struggling to save her child.

 Eye of the Mountain God, is Penny Rudolph’s fourth mystery/thriller. The action comes at you fast, with a  cast of maverick characters including an eccentric octogenarian artist with a shocking past; and two extraordinary Hispanic women, one a sometime psychic who is funny, foul-mouthed, and angry with God, the other a stunning and charismatic hair stylist, speaker, and feminist.

Tags for Eye of the Mountain God:  thriller, mystery, archeology, New Mexico, autism, fiction, Hispanic, legend, occult, romantic suspense, domestic terrorism, southwest, photography, feminist, Santa Fe, ESP.

Tags for Listen to the Mockingbird: mystery, army, civil war, feminist, historical, history, horses, New Mexico, ranch, religion, slavery, soutwest, thriller, voodoo, western, abuse

Tags for Thicker Than Blood: mystery, alcoholism, automotive, California, crime fiction, environmentalism, garage, Los Angeles, politics, thriller, water resources, water war.

Tags for Lifeblood: mystery, alcoholism, California, crime fiction, Hispanic, hospital, human trafficking, kids, kidneys, medical, recovering alcoholic, romantic suspense, thriller.